5 Factors That May Affect Your Self Improvement Efforts


Do you constantly feel like you are stuck in a certain situation or your life is not progressing as you wish?  If you do, then it is time you do something about it in a quest for a more fulfilling life. For that to happen, you have to identify the various barriers that may affect you from attaining satisfaction or even derailing your self-improvement efforts. Here are some factors could give your life more meaning.

Unclear Objectives or Goals

Everything starts with a plan before making the initial and all-important first step. As such, if you already know the kind of life that you would want to live, the only thing that is left is making clear-cut goals.  Failure to focus on what is truly important to you can become a serious obstacle to your self-improvement efforts. Remember your mind is a goal-seeking system; it will help you achieve what you set out to do so long as you keep your eyes on the prize.

Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others Is Unhealthy

From time to time it is normal to feel like other people have a better life compared to ourselves. Sometime we look at the exterior and notice they have money, a promising career, a loving family or healthy relationship amongst other things. Although such observations may be true according to you, don’t make yourself ill and become mentally, emotionally and physically unhealthy. Pick your head up because there’s work to be done.

What you do is use their success as fuel and motivation for you to start identifying your strengths, work on them and become the person your strengths lead you into becoming. In the process you will begin to appreciate yourself more. Be proud of your achievements and say “I did it !” Celebrate your steps moving forward because your success is a result of your efforts moving towards becoming the best of who you are. Remember comparing yourself to others is unhealthy.

Avoid Hanging Out with Negative People

Being surrounded by people with a glass half empty point of view as opposed to those who see it as half full, can contribute to a less satisfying life. Their opinions often cause you to think or see things from their perspective, which can interfere with your goals, whether short or long term. As a result, you may end up living a life full of negativity, which will affect your thoughts and emotions. To break away from this situation, start associating yourself with uplifting, encouraging positive-minded individuals. Practice thinking more positive and happy thoughts as well as trying to find a way to make things happen instead of finding excuses or complaining.


If you keep pushing your plans or deadlines to the last minute, then you must be aware of the mental and emotional stress that comes with such behaviour.  In the back of your mind, the thoughts about your unfinished business will continue to haunt you. Unfortunately, this situation will limit you from moving forward with other endeavours until you are done with the previous tasks. Hence, the best way to get out of this hole is to do what you plan to do at the set time to help you progress and avoid last-minute pressures.

Avoid Dwelling on Past Mistakes

Awareness of one’s mistakes is a fundamental step towards self-improvement because life is all about ups and downs. If you tried out something that did not go as expected such as opening a business or a failed relationship, avoid dwelling on the matter. Doing so only robs you of your precious time. Your valuable time is supposed to be focused on practicing and using the tools you have learned from prior teachings and experiences.

In fact, the moment you start feeling the weight of your mistakes, consider making a self-proclaimed commitment to yourself and say to yourself such phrases “At least I know what not to do going forward” or “Looking ahead I refuse to be to allow myself to get into that type of situation again. The more you practice focusing on next steps, the more you prepare yourself to become the person you desire to be. Continue to be aware of some of those habits that hinder your personal development. In addition, recognize working towards self-improvement is a continuous journey.

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