About Us

Practice U is an online retailer based in Los Angeles, Ca. The founder and CEO Troy Smith introduced his online store in the fall of 2016 selling t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to inspire school kids to adults to wear an apparel that would stimulate self-improvement and understand how positive practice builds three things: confidence, success and respect.

Practice U believes the first step in self-improvement is one must be willing to be taught or retaught, then guided or mentored along the way so that he or she can put into practice daily what they’ve learned and gradually grow into becoming a better person. In addition to, we believe strongly in the empowering gift of education, sports, hobbies, nutrition, exercise, fitness and individuals having a high MVP character, meaning Morals, Values and Principles of humanity along with a strong sense of respect and understanding of the Bible to guide their emotions and to do what’s right when nobody’s looking. Such content built into a one’s character is what makes a person look good from the inside. They’re attractive, magnetic and clear on not crossing their MVP boundaries. 

In the summer of 2018, Practice U released their signature tune and video titled, “The More I Practice, Practice, Practice” on their Practice U, YouTube channel. The video is a collection of life experiences from infant/toddler to young adulthood to active seniors. Attitude, academics, athletics, the arts, clean eating, clean drinking, health and fitness are a few themes featured in the video.  It was designed to uplift and show how practice has benefits. Some  have used the video for their morning inspiration. What is not shown in the video is what it feels like when one has to put in the work themselves or the power in practicing patience. Practicing patience is not always an easy accomplishment. However, it can be if  I start with thinking before I speak or act and build from there. Believe it or not, patience and wisdom are extremely important in staying alive on the inside.

To that end, Practice U wants everyone to focus on their strengths and weaknesses, their talent, skill set, craft, or specialty. However we suggest you be careful in getting what you’ve always wanted to have. We believe one of the side effects of passionate practice, achieving success, getting recognition or saying “I did it” is becoming weakened by arrogance, pride which turns into stubbornness or a defensive attitude full of excuses and an unwillingness to change for the better. Such behavior can easily lead to becoming out of touch with reality, bragging, a changed attitude, not taking responsibility, insensitivity and a slow downfall in life, losing friends, family and self-awareness.  That type of thinking is called “bought sense” and it takes time to rebuild and reestablish trust with those you may have wounded, if not turned off.

If you let your body of work speak for itself and not your emotions you’ll find yourself becoming wiser, peaceful and more appealing. Having said that, stay dialed in on who you are representing, be an example and gradually become a practi-co-logist whose specialty is positive presentations of yourself in public and in private settings. Focus on your future and remember when wearing the Practice U brand, you’re adding to your wardrobe an essential apparel designed to remind U to focus on “just you, your strengths and your weaknesses” with the intent to move towards self-improvement.