How Positive Thinking Can Help Shape Up Your Career


Building a career is everybody’s dream and possessing positive thinking plays a huge role in attaining that dream. That’s extremely important because things may not always favor you in the workplace or in the office where it may be full of drawbacks. To that point, to focus on unpleasant experiences will only keep you stuck in a rut. However staying positive can turn potential failures into successes.

Examples of negative aspects are stiff competition from colleagues, high benchmarks for performance and hostile customers. There are proven tips and tricks to maintain a positive attitude no matter the situation. Negativity kills your ambition and makes you fall out of favor with your superiors.

Think About Possibilities, Not Failures

Has your manager assigned you to head a new project? There is the likelihood of failing, but there is also the rewarding possibility of succeeding. Focus your mind on the positive prospects. Think about the new opportunities that you could help your company open.

How about the new key accounts that you could secure for your company? Your superiors will be happy with your success, won’t they? You might just earn a promotion or a pay increase. Focusing on positive outcomes generate positive energy that propels you to shape a career.

Negative thoughts breed negative actions. Thinking that you might let your company down might actually lead to that. If you think that a project is too risky, you might never attempt it. It is far better to aim for success. Even if you do not achieve it, you learn from past mistakes.

Do Not Bring Personal Bias to the Workplace

Nobody at the workplace wants to know of your personal disappointments. Have you had an ugly fight with your spouse? Did the landlord threaten to throw you out of the house for unpaid rent? Keep personal bias to yourself. Everybody else does.

Leave negativity behind every morning.  Approach your office with a determined mindset. Prove to yourself that you are not a failure at home and at work. Strive for positive results. Attaining these might just diffuse the challenges in your personal life.

Have a Positive Voice in Non-Verbal Messages

Transfer your positive thoughts into positive deeds and words. When relating to colleagues, superiors, and customers, talk with enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence. If your boss is having a bad day, let him know that you are willing to lend a hand.

Transmit positivity through the text messages and emails you send out every day. These might seem simple tools of communication, but writing encouraging words lifts up the spirits of others. In the end, you build your career when working with an enthusiastic team of colleagues.

Voice Your Positive Thoughts to Yourself and to Others 

When you muster the power of positive thought, put it into practice. Tell yourself that you are not a loser. Even if you have not attained the targets set out before you, know that you can do better. Seek to correct mistakes and set more ambitious goals.

Are you submitting reports to your superiors? Do not be worried that you did not meet the performance appraisals. Instead, let them know that you are aware of drawbacks, loopholes and failure points. Let them know that you are determined to fix these to productive results.


Positive thinking does not always come naturally. Sometimes you need a little inspiration. Seek to surround yourself with positive thinkers both at work and at home. Read books and online material that inspire positive thoughts. Talk to colleagues and mentors who have excelled before you. These might just inject the desired positive thoughts for a successful career.

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