Cancer Awareness Classic/Collegiate Zip Hoodie

Cancer Awareness: Classic Zip Hoodie


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PRACTICE U believes a healthy life means being proactive daily in practicing taking care of WHO?…YOU!! When wearing this Classic Zip Hoodie you’ll remind yourself and others to take care of their body because eventually it will become a priority.

Secondly, pay attention to your body. Do your research on preventive cancer fighting vegetables that we should eat  daily as a source of medicine. In addition to, cut out the salt to prevent high blood pressure, greasy food to prevent high cholesterol, sugar to prevent sugar diabetes and other unnecessary diseases caused by what we feed our body. Finally, drink plenty of water daily, get plenty of rest and exercise as often as possible.

This zip hoodie is a soft, mid-weight fleece with a generous fit for comfort, featuring a jersey lined hood and draw cord with small logo on the front.

Remember to PRACTICE U, the very best of you, so that you’ll be able to “MASTER A HIGHER DEGREE OF SELF”


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